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Buy gold jade jewelry should pay attention to what

Sep 21, 2015

Start buying gold jade jewelry to consider: 1. the quality of jade inlay is intact and clean. 2. mosaic type of precious metal, and it is true. 3. mosaic jewelry style is a style you like. We introduce the following three considerations.

Get gold mounted jade ornaments from all angles in the hands of a strong light to see, from the angle of jade can be seen part of the light, check for cracks, hidden point, cotton, etc. Try to buy jade inlaid with gold around relatively simple style (Jade Egg Noodles most exposed to the outside), because some companies might have a goldsmiths ' pattern to cover problem above of jade.

In addition, Golden jade jewelry, jade Egg Noodles at the bottom, usually showing, this helps the light through jade, jade from the front look more intelligent. But some eggs will jade face cover the bottom with a precious metal to die (full-back), so consumers can't see the back of the jade, for the style, you be careful, ask the business jade if you can not accept the flaws and fissures, and asked them to write a good warranty.