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Crystal jewelry cleaning and maintenance of the six methods

Sep 21, 2015

In life in the, wear Shang a fashion bright of clothes Shi, total think neck missing a pieces single products, then for himself selected Shang a article for himself of Crystal Necklace is a perfect of method, but people concern crystal of most is wear clothing Shi of wearing and the process device, is ignored has crystal is a life, also need people of carefully care and maintenance to long of Crystal. Is the author of the following collection and maintenance methods, hope can help you wear and crystal collection.

1. care and maintenance your Crystal jewelry, do not wear jewelry, bathing, washing, swimming. Poor cleaning, moisture and chemicals will be adhered on the surface of the Crystal, the Crystal become dull shine.

2. always remember to wear jewelry after spraying perfumes and hair products.

3. Please save your jewelry in the jewelry box, avoid prolonged exposure to moisture in the air or exposure to strong sunlight can directly place prevent Black oxide metal surfaces in contact with air.

4. wipe with a clean, soft cloth after wearing jewelry, can it maintain its shininess! print fingerprint or smudge on the Crystal, with a soft, fluff-free cloth for Crystal dust. When dust lightly, from the dust on the surface of cut crystal.

5. Please do not use water, wet cloth on the market or use any for sale jewelry cleaner or ultrasonic cleaning device, so as to avoid fading and oxidation.

6. Please do not randomly pulled, hard Crystal brittle, needs special care.

Has a crystal that suits their outfits, you can immediately become the focus of the ball game, but remember, when Crystal brings you satisfaction, pay special attention to routine maintenance, this ensures your jewelry lasting bright and beautiful.