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Online how to buy silver jewelry

Sep 21, 2015

Nowadays, more and more young people have opted for online shopping, especially women prefer the Internet to buy silver jewelry, silver jewelry, after all, online shopping was much cheaper than the store. But in recent years, major jewelry shop so dizzying, but there are many online stores are fish in troubled waters, is obviously fake, said Silver, many consumers are headache, so much silver shop NET, I really do not know what's reliable, sterling silver. For this reason, spring from multiple areas, and to explain how the online selection of sterling silver jewelry, let you buy genuine silver jewelry.

First, the price

And jewelry store silver jewelry sold in the Mall about whether g. This is the rule. But in the eyes of consumers and the silver is a precious metal, silver jewelry is the essence of "valuables" instead of "craft", it should be by the gram. Currently of silver most are is playing 60 percent, but this not focus, silver of into factory price currently is 7.5~12 block money around each grams (silver content different price will has difference), according to process different again plus at least 30% of process fee, again plus level level agent from extraction of profit and in these process in the by produced of warehouse maintenance transport cost, loss of business didn't people will do, you roughly by grams heavy is about cost price, price low of too more on certainly is has problem of.

Second, pay attention to study store credit

Friends generally see a lot of online shopping this store is good, is to see what stores purchase number, comments, etc. But I can honestly tell you that it may not be able to see, because while many shop reputation is brushed out, most comments are fake. So to a shop, I'll take a look at credit history, generally I don't care how much praise, praise rate is like, I saw comments and contents of the bad review. In General if someone said in the comments on poor quality, fake like, because this person says is true. And if the owner's explanation reasonable or cunning or curse words, I can conclude that this store is really not up to much, the jewelry is also likely to be fakes, then you have to careful.