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Ruby jewelry how to pick

Sep 21, 2015

Ruby's English name is Ruby, from the Latin Ruber, meaning red. He is a beautiful, transparent gem quality corundum. Ruby Ruby is the English name, derived from the Latin "Ruber," meaning red. Rubies in the world is not much, mainly from Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Australia, China and, but in terms of quality of gems, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the best quality

Ruby shapes

Ruby the most common shapes such as Emerald, pear-shaped, Princess, oval or teardrop-shaped, and diamonds are generally round different is that Ruby is rarely round, heart-shaped are rare.

Ruby carat weight

As with diamonds, rubies, weight Carat can also be used (also known as the card).

1 Carat = 200 mg = 0.2 grams. One carat is divided into 100 parts, each called a point. 0.75 carat, also known as 75 minutes, 2 minutes 0.02 carats.

In the case of other conditions, as the Ruby weight increases, its value exponentially.

Ruby color

Appreciation is mainly look at his color Ruby, Ruby red color of pure, deep red color concentration for the best, so dark it will reduce the price, such as Myanmar's "pigeon blood red" Ruby is in need. Ruby another appreciation is defective. Ruby usually has cracks, Ruby has no cracks and defects are rare, as "ten crack red nine". Defects such as cracks, inclusions of a gem not to be too obvious, cannot affect the overall appearance. Gem weight and cut are also key to its taste.