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Sterling Silver jewelry cleaning methods

Sep 21, 2015

Silver, like gold, is a kind of precious metal with a long history, and has been for more than 4,000 years of history. Silvery-white, soft gloss bright, are minorities, Buddhism, and Islam were favorite decorations. Silver jewelry is also the people of all ethnic groups throughout the country of choice for gifts to the newborn baby gift. Recently, under the influence of Western retro trend, wearing a Black oxide silver inlaid Turquoise Jewelry light blue, to bring on the splendid ancient civilization reveries. In China, sterling silver jewelry has gradually become the love of modern female fashion choices. However, some people find silver body jewelry worn, is bright, turned into "black gold". Therefore appropriate methods, remove black rust from silver jewelry, silver jewelry silver bright again, is necessary. The following silver jewelry cleaning methods to share life.

Silver jewelry cleaning methods:

Wipe with cotton dipped in white vinegar, black silver sulfide soluble in acid, silver jewelry to render luster again.

Wipe with alcohol or sodium carbonate, works equally well.

First washed with detergent accessories surface, then using sodium thiosulfate solution (100 g water add 20 grams of Ryukyu prepared sodium thiosulfate), rinse, and rinse thoroughly with clean water.

With tartaric acid, alum and salt 1 l 10, mix heated to boiling, immerse jewelry; 10 minutes, wash water and then pat dry.

With ammonia water mirrors, wipe or toothpaste on the cloth, can also be restored to their original luster.