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Ten kinds of stains on the tips teach you how to clean silver jewelry

Sep 21, 2015

Teach you in cleaning silver to prepare a transparent bottle of Nail Polish, clean air duct blow dry silver jewelry at the end, and then pure silver coated with nail polish. We teach you to use simple approaches to difficult to eradicate the stains on the silver jewelry.

1 choose the tea every night soaking.

2 choose silver polishing cloth to scrub.

3, silver silver jewelry is often black, of course, often muddled finish, but also trouble.

4 choose acetic acid scrub.

5 choose Coke soak, soak for 12 hours.

6 choose the lipstick on the cloth and then scrubbing silverware, final rinse solution.

7 choose toothpaste and a toothbrush to scrub.

8 choose wash silver blisters on a minute or two.

9, with a lighter to burn black and silver jewelry (Note: these procedures only Yu Suyin (gold-and silver-inlaid ornaments cannot use. temperature is not too high, ban indicated selection matches, matches containing sulfur, will turn Silver into silver sulfide) and then use the silver polishing cloth, Polish the silver. This approach particularly bright silver jewelry.