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To wear Pearl Jewelry show mature temperament

Sep 21, 2015

In the Netherlands the painter Vermeer's famous painting girl with a Pearl Earring girls, girls look fascinating. In reality, many women are deeply in love with Pearl Jewelry. United Kingdom former Prime Minister Lady Thatcher, United States Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Hillary Clinton, founder Coco Chanel brands • fragrance such as well-known women are fans of Pearl, it can be said that Pearl has become the iconic symbol of mature glamour.

Vitality jewelry

On the Iron Lady Thatcher biopic, as staff to persuade to run for Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher gave up when wearing a pearl necklace, she said that such a classic line: "I can give up my hat, but this Pearl necklace is my husband gave me a gift when our child was born, there's nothing to discuss. ”

Some people with common sense know, Pearl is an organic gem, Pearl shell and mother of Pearl shell mollusk body. Youth jewelry Vice President Wu Zili believes that Pearl is the process of producing "pain began, over the years, perfect", is a typical example of breeding, which Pearl was only a gem produced by living organisms. These characteristics form the language perfect Pearl's unique personality and vitality. Therefore, some mature women love pearls, pearls can also bring their different feelings.

Ruan Shi Pearl brand director Li Ran explained, Pearl feels unlike any other gemstone, or sexy, or brilliant, it is a wise, sweet temperament. Pearl beauty like mature woman, is the result of sedimentation, temper, temperament is not in appearance, but in the heart. Perhaps it is because of this reason, Pearl has received many successful women of all ages.

Wu Zili told reporters that on mother's day and women's day, young people will buy Pearl Jewelry for her as a gift, and in some countries, Pearl would also serve as an "adult ceremony" gift parents give their daughters. Pearl in women, represent a mature, perfect, and life extension.