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Wearing Crystal encyclopedia

Sep 21, 2015

A: Crystal jewellery to wear left

Crystal to be worn on the left hand, the left hand will receive the Crystal energy (that is, Crystal is also receiving external magnetic field), while the right hand is different from the magnetic fields released out. Left-handed Crystal magic with mystical energy crystals, energy will be even greater!

II: Crystal regularly cleaning

Crystal typically receives a negative figure, it is like a trash can, there are full time, regular cleaning will bring more good fortune. And I think the purified crystals are easier to master the same, easier to play to its strength. Purify Crystal, Crystal two or three hours in a saturated brine.

Three: Crystal, don't let anyone touch

Crystal has a memory, so that you can input information about your horoscope, birthday, others touch your Crystal, Crystal will remember the information that, in that case, Crystal store information can be confusing, cannot be reasonably accurately improve your fortune, being touched, immediately clean.