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What is the difference between silver jewelry in different periods demand

Sep 21, 2015

Liberation of feudal society and the ordinary people of our country, because the days are hard, gold to be among the masses, but the pursuit of beauty is the same person the nature and therefore have a moist texture and quiet nature of silver became the primary information of mass manufactured jewelry, making jewelry in our country with thousands of years of civilization. Rich gold, pure Platinum, eternal diamond has their own different apartments and inside, was not the same consumers enjoy, traditional silver jewellery, except for some old people and children's jewelry, lost people to have meaning and location, no longer are young people like. Miao silver headdress neck ornament, pectoral, jewellery, gorgeous dress and children's hats and so on, are carefully made by silversmiths of Miao nationality, I heard has a history of thousands of years ago. In addition to head, chest and neck ornaments, jewelry, apparel, back, waist pendant, the individual places decorated feet.

New China established Hou, especially reform yilai, China people of days level occurred has turned upside down of change, gold jewelry has no longer is masses to has of luxury products, and since than gold more rare of Platinum gold, and diamond from Europe prevailed to domestic, gold, and Platinum gold, and diamond jewelry was became families essential of jewelry products, everyone procurement several sets not as of precious jewelry has not hard of thing.