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2015 X Colored Gemstone Market Analysis

Sep 21, 2015

1, colored stone popular tourmaline potential

Sought after due to the fashion world colored gemstone, tourmaline and mining industry has developed rapidly, gem of origin in South America trust plans to promote tourmaline parts instead of Ruby and Sapphire, became the mainstream consumer market stones products.

2011 China jewelry market by 2014 jewelry markets, stronger prices is the fastest, most market attention is tourmaline. And a 2-3 increase in prices by the end of this year, prices are too high to 2000~3000 Yuan per carat. Judging from the diamonds, Jadeite, nephrite was growing, after a gem onto the track, General 5-8 year prices will continue to rise. Starting with the 2010-year, tourmaline is still in start-up position, 2015 value should be larger.

2, tanzanite: catch up tomorrow star sapphire

So far, areas near the city of Arusha, Tanzania, is the only producer of tanzanite. Tanzanian Minister of mines said it is the gift of God to the people of Tanzania. In 1997, a $ 60,000 Chinese businessmen, in the Tanzanian capital to buy a top Tanzanian blue, setting a price. Currently, Tan Sang Lan in the United States market is better. With United States President Bill Clinton and his wife and daughter, respectively in 2000 and 1998 of tanzanite – Arusha, Tan Sang Shi in United States market prices had risen to comparable with that in Ruby.

2014 compared with 2010, Tan Sang Shi's price has risen even in the Tanzanian 4 times. Top grade tanzanite market for $ 350 or more per carat, grade b at around $ 200, special to produce exquisite varieties unless a price. Return to the domestic market, tanzanite fashion of the current Tanzanian mainland China not only active in one or two lines of the more mature markets of the Mainland, two or three lines of development in the area of tanzanite are increasingly concerned. At the jewellery and gem fair held in various locations, exclusive tanzanite exhibitors said they need are mainly grains and pure high-order, strong demand pushed up prices of such goods has been 30%-40%, for now, Tan Sang Shi appreciation potential immeasurable.