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Accessories Matching Techniques

Sep 21, 2015

Jewelry knowledge/all the trimmings matching techniques

Fashion changes quickly in addition to clothing, makeup this summer, is a jewelry, silver jewelry with changeable styling, affordable price, unique elegance more and more white-collar women of all ages.

Silver match tips:

1. If your idea is more traditional, floral patterns combined with cross pattern bracelet must however; if you think silver bracelet is too simple, leaf pattern Bangle Bracelet can be felt particularly.

2. silver jewelry inlaid with jewels on the match should note that silver turquoise with black clothes, which highlights the wearer's noble; silver red Coral and white costumes, sets off the man pure; inlaid colored gemstone jewelry for a young girl to wear, mature female may also be embedded in a solid color gemstone silver jewelry.

3. casual clothes suitable for pairing, exaggerated sterling silver rings with unique design; wear suitable for pairing style concise style slim sterling silver necklace-lovely dress wearing a small silver Bell bracelet fitting.