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Can You Sleep With A Crystal Charm Bracelet?

Aug 09, 2017

  Can you sleep with a crystal Charm Bracelet?

  A: Do not wear sleep, why? Because some crystal Charm Bracelet has absorbed the negative energy, protects the master's ability, absorbs the negative energy during the day, it takes time to restore the vitality, it should be placed in the crystal cluster, a good rest, if there is no crystal family, put it in a quiet place, a balcony on the balcony, let it nature to a close contact, also can achieve the purpose of purification.

  Secondly, when people sleep, into the subconscious state of mind, the sense of sensitivity will be increased, this time, the energy of the crystal can become powerful abnormal, leading to the nervous system has a premature response, which is detrimental to the body.

  Crystal Charm Bracelet can let others touch or try to wear?

  A: In general, it is best not to let others touch your crystal, crystal is a flock of birds, if you want to cause, the Green Ghost was a successful businessman moved, because the crystal Charm Bracelet has memory, will record each other's good energy, so instead have the potential to help. On the contrary, once the crystal has been moved by some people, it is necessary to rinse immediately, here refers to purification.

  Under what circumstances can not wear crystal Charm Bracelet?

  A: Generally speaking, go to the hospital, cemetery, these places best not to wear crystals, can be removed into the pocket. Because the crystal will absorb the energy around, especially the white crystal is more susceptible to pollution, these places are more negative energy, even if there is expectorant the role of black obsidian, from those dirty places to come back to clean up.

  So any person who works in a hospital or cemetery wears a crystal Charm Bracelet and must remember to put in a bubble and then wear it before coming home from work.