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Charm Bracelet Has Become A Symbol Of Fashion

Jul 03, 2017

  Charm Bracelet has become a symbol of fashion, the pursuit of the trend of the focus, and jade Charm Bracelet gorgeous and not vulgar, noble and elegant, more able to highlight the wearer's extraordinary temperament and the pursuit of the taste of life. Especially the green water quiet Myanmar old pit ice algae natural full green jade A white gold jade Charm Bracelet is selected from the old pit ice kind of green jade, is one of the best, the whole jade products shiny full, crystal clear, more important is the meaning Beautiful, meaning career, school, home industry, hundreds of industry prosperity. Many collectors have said that their own in the purchase, collection of jade products is very important to emerald "species", that is, we often say that ice species, jade pendant on the outer surface of the gloss is very good, translucent to transparent, clear Ice, giving a feeling of ice and jade.

  Jade Charm Bracelet Type:

  The first is the emerald A goods, as the name suggests, Charm Bracelet which refers to the natural, without any artificial modification and carving destruction of its internal crystal structure of the emerald. Jinzhi Yu Ye said that this is not carved natural beauty.

  The second is the emerald B goods, this is the original color of the poor jade through artificial chemicals, such as strong acid, alkali soaking, so that its molecular structure is destroyed and reorganization, color can be improved, this emerald called Emerald B goods.

  The third is the emerald C goods, refers to the colorless or light-colored jade after artificial dyeing jewelry. Pigments only exist between the emerald cracks or between the crystal, Charm Bracelet carefully observed flaws.