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Charm Bracelet How To Choose The Right One

Sep 18, 2017

Will you pick the bracelet? This is not simple ah, according to their own preferences do not choose the right thing In fact, a lot of crush will be based on their own style to buy bracelets. But if according to the wrist and bone to choose, then wear out the effect will be better, more suitable for our hand type, but also to highlight their own charm.

1. fine wrist bone obvious

Although it is fine wrist, but the obvious bones are more conspicuous. Try to wear two basic chain bracelet, so you can cover the prominent bones, but also to let others feel your soft.

2. fine wrist bone is not obvious

For those who have this type of crush, it is more fortunate and enviable. Can be narrow with some of the basic chain or is more style. Can coordinate with the fine arm, so that the arm does not seem too fine. If you choose too wide bracelet, will only make the arm even more slim, do not take Oh.

3. rough wrist bone is not obvious

Perhaps crush the wrist is relatively thick, but no relationship, the same can be used with a bracelet more out of color. Pick a relatively bracelet of the type, the theme chain is also a good choice, so you can cover the embarrassment of the rough arm, will appear generous some If you wear a tight and thin bracelet, it will increase the arm of the thick sense.

4. Bold wrist bone obvious

With a thick wrist, while the bones and obvious crush. Can be bold, choose the shape of a special bracelet, so that the outsiders can be transferred to the line of sight on the bracelet, thus ignoring the thickness of the arm.


How, pick the bracelet is not also learned? Choose the right, in order to create their own wrist beauty. Buy a wishful bracelet, I hope you want to shop around more than three, so, have more opportunities to buy a suitable bracelet.