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Charm Bracelets And Other Jewels Are The Same Can Be Worn Every Day

Jul 03, 2017

  Charm Bracelets and other jewels are the same can be worn every day, so the selection of the same time to be carefully chosen, small size can not wear; size is too large, affecting the beautiful, and the Charm Bracelet is more likely to be encountered. How to choose the right Charm Bracelet?


  Wrist is a more detailed position in the body, with the action of the hand, it is easy to guide people's attention, and attract attention, Charm Bracelets while affecting the impression of others, Charm Bracelet length of about 20-25 cm, Master the size. Too tight, will affect the beauty and comfort; too loose, and will slip to the hand. Therefore, the length of the Charm Bracelet is generally worn on the wrist, the chain and the wrist to leave a gap between the better.

  1, wrist thin, bones are not obvious

  Perfect wrist, suitable for any basic chain, styling chain or theme chain.

  2, wrist thin, obvious bones

  Suitable for wearing two basic chain, so that the wrist more soft.

  3, wrist riches, bones are not obvious

  Style slightly wider shape chain or theme chain, bright and generous.

  4, wrist rich, obvious bone

  Personalized styling chain or theme chain, please turn your attention from wrist to Charm Bracelet.


  The Charm Bracelet is very rich in materials, each material has its unique gloss and texture. Should be based on their own needs and conditions to choose materials. Under normal circumstances, with gold, platinum, silver Charm Bracelet, Charm Bracelets easy to match with a variety of clothing. Wood, hard plastic, leather, glass, ivory, metal and other materials, and fashion, tide equipment, casual wear, casual wear, sportswear with, often have a good effect.


  All kinds of jewelry jade made of very other materials made of Charm Bracelets, have their own inherent color. And any color of the United States and not the United States, are through the combination, with the ability to fully reflect its charm. Therefore, in the choice of Charm Bracelet, one depends on the color of the jewelry itself; the second is to see the color of jewelry and their skin color is appropriate; third is to see the color of the Charm Bracelet and clothing color is a good match.


  The quality of the Charm Bracelet. Is an important part of the choice. First look at the overall shape is complete. Such as roundness, symmetry and so on. Followed by the process structure is reasonable, solid. Such as Charm Bracelets, most of them are connected by a number of small ring, ring and ring if the convergence between the poor, Charm Bracelets it is easy to fall off. Another example is the gemstone Charm Bracelet, the gap size will directly affect the ginger's fastness. And then there is to see whether the production of fine, such as the chain, the chain is smooth, the pattern is meticulous, there are diamonds diamonds, pearl color, shape, size, etc., are to be carefully checked.


  More and more innovative and designers began to pursue fashion sense, Charm Bracelet shape and style is different.