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Composed Of Charm Bracelet Of Crystal, Different Varieties Represent Different Meanings

Jul 13, 2017

  Composed of Charm Bracelet of crystal, different varieties represent different meanings.

  Symbol of pure white crystal bracelet. Transparent ice crystals reminiscent of the water.

  White crystal implication: on behalf of the harmony and purity, enhance memory, trigger inspiration, purify the soul, the town house to avoid evil, Bai Fu Qianxiang.

  White crystal bracelet

  Symbol of wisdom of the amethyst bracelet. Charm Bracelet Noble amethyst mellow as wine color.

  Amethyst implication: the development of intelligence, smooth mood, improve the intuition, to help think, focus on reading power, increase memory, enhance interpersonal relationships, Charm Bracelet giving courage and strength. On behalf of Gao Jie Jian of love, often as a couple of lovers. Amethyst in the West also represents the "love of the guardian of stone", can give the couple, husband and wife between the deep love, chastity, honesty and courage.

  Natural Amethyst Bracelet

  Help the wealth of the yellow crystal bracelet. Large flower big flower of the crystal flowers cluster, a kind of autumn breath.

  The implication of the yellow crystal: wealth of stone, often bring unexpected money, help calm mood, eliminate tired, stable mood.

  2. Quiet tea crystal bracelet. Quiet gray brown color such as a pool of water, quiet and far-reaching.

  Tea crystal implication: on behalf of stable, stable, Charm Bracelet promote wound healing, enhance immunity, restore youth, fitness strong body.

  3. symbol of happiness love pink crystal bracelet. Pink pearl flowers like water - flowering young girls love the good vision.

  Pink crystal of the implication: can increase the opposite sex, Charm Bracelet strokes peach blossom, for the best love stone.