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Crystal Key Chain, Also Known As Crystal Key Chain

Jul 26, 2017

  Crystal key chain, also known as crystal key chain, key ring, key chain, key hanging and so on. The material of the keychain is made of metal, crystal, leather, plastic, wood and so on. This material is exquisite small, ever-changing shape is the daily necessities of people carrying daily necessities.

  The keychain is a decorative item hanging from the key ring. To choose the key with their favorite key ring, not only can reflect the personal feelings and personality, but also to show their own taste at the same time also bring their own happy mood.

  Key material, such as cartoon shape, brand modeling, simulation model, etc., the material is generally crystal, copper, aluminum, rubber, plastic, etc., and now the main surface of zinc alloy nickel or rhodium and other anti-rust elements The

  Keychain has now become a gift of small gifts, you can give friends or yourself, to express your mind.

  Crystal key chain, generally artificial crystal as a material, can be made into a variety of shapes of crystal key ring, the cost is generally ranging from a few to tens of dollars. Crystal key, according to LOGO, company name and other actual production, activities, personalized design, 3D carving photos, product pictures, fashionable and become fashionable favorite.