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Devaluation Of The Careful! Color Jewelry Maintenance

Sep 21, 2015

Due to colored gemstones are usually transparent or translucent, so we need regular cleaning and maintenance. Otherwise, your colored gemstone jewelry may be because of improper maintenance and less beautiful than when you first bought it. Also, when you wear beautiful jewelry, also have a lot of attention.

Considerations for daily wear

1. when doing strenuous exercise and heavy work, please do not wear jewels and jewelry. Although used in inlaid jewelry gemstone hardness is high, able to withstand daily wear abrasion under normal circumstances, but most crystals gemstones brittle, along a certain direction when they are hit by the strong crack or collapse occur, so wear with care.

2. some stones are natural cracks and inclusion, or brittle, such as Emerald, worn, you need to be careful to avoid a collision.

3. regular jewelry worn by the best check on a monthly basis, viewing stones wear and loosening of metal claws-end. If you think claw jewel loose, please stop wearing and sent back to the jeweler to tighten insert claw.

4. the pearls are organic gems, sweat, perfume, hair spray and other chemicals are very easy to make Pearl lose its lustre and gradually turn yellow. With clean water after every wear combined with soft, clean cloth, waiting for them to naturally dry and back on the jewelry box. Remember not to wear pearls swimming, bathing or cooking.

5. some stones are afraid to lose water because of the intense heat or wind, such as turquoise, Opal, so to avoid saving when the direct rays of the Sun, to avoid wear using a hair dryer and so on.