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Don't Underestimate These Keychain Accessories

Jun 19, 2017

  Don't underestimate these keychain accessories, many designers have to design these trinkets. At present, the key chain on the market not only the overall appearance is unique and innovative, and versatile. Cute cartoon keychain is always the favorite of young people. Especially to the well-known brand cartoon image design key buckle is attracts eyeball. For example, the diamond keychain, not only looks shiny and very textured, but also cute and pleasing, especially suitable for the sweet girls collocation; Quarantine warning Card keychain also very clever, this kind of sign we generally in the road to see the fence next to but for a key chain is a unique design, and more interestingly, in an emergency, as long as you hold it, you can immediately alarm sound, and a cute monkey face keychain, can be used for each key to create the right clothes, Looking for the key makes it easy. The recent popular Smart Jigsaw key buckle can be said to be very "high popularity", and one of the A Earth jigsaw key chain is the main products of various businesses. This keychain is a stainless steel ball consisting of 31 pieces of jigsaw puzzle, which is itself a large magnet that can adsorb each piece of puzzle without falling off. The Mirror of stainless steel processing, as well as each shape surface of the jigsaw puzzle, are presented in Germany's top metal technology. In general, the puzzle is not free to fall off, want to play when the key ring, the puzzle is easy to remove.

  And for couples are tailor-made couples key buckle is also in recent years key market Trump products, the reason it is so popular, is in the design fully embodies and Meimei, paired with the concept of a warm and sweet feeling. The main material of the couple keychain is mainly artificial crystal which symbolizes pure love. Because of the crystal material unique sense of transparency and flicker, so that this kind of key buckle looks full of texture, and because the couple key buckle in general to shape cute couple appearance, so particularly noticeable.