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Is The Crystal Charm Bracelet Really Effective?

Aug 09, 2017

  Is the crystal Charm Bracelet really effective?

  A: This is affirmative, in the Han Dynasty in China has records, after Lishizhen's "Compendium of Materia Medica" also has the case. Now many famous medical institutions in foreign countries have specialized departments, and even a professional crystal hospital. Crystal Charm Bracelet on the role of the human body is not to be doubted.

  Just to see how you can make it work for you, besides, the role also needs to be divided into physiological and psychological role, even if your body is not sensitive, can not really feel its effect on your body changes, psychological effect is always huge, such as the menstruation is not adjusted, wear garnet will soon get better, dysmenorrhea of the people are more so. Some people in the evening dream of ghosts pixy and such scary things, wearing obsidian will have a noticeable improvement.

  Can the crystal Charm Bracelet be worn with the gold and silver Jade?

  A: Yes, they are not conflicting, even at the aesthetic level. But pay attention to these small problems, gold and silver Charm Bracelet and crystal Charm Bracelet do not wear a hand, this will have an impact on gold and silver, because the energy of the crystal Charm Bracelet is large, it is easy to lead to silver and gold discoloration. It doesn't matter if the crystal and jade wear the same hand. Some people like to hang a crystal pendant under the gold and silver chain, if it is synthetic, such as zircon, it does not need to pay attention to anything. If it is natural crystal, we must pay attention to the pendant and the gold and silver chain must have a buckle to separate them, if directly on the string in the gold and silver chain is not good.