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Keychain For The Promotion Of Corporate Help

Oct 17, 2017

Everyone likes to decorate their favorite items, such as long away from the hands of the "phone", we all like to buy a mobile phone sets to put their own mobile phone sets, such as almost every household is essential to the key, Because you always need the key to open the door to the door? So the Keychain has become a favorite key decoration items.

It is because of such a huge market demand for the "pan-class guests" must find their common ground, the common need for gifts or items to promote, Keychain is a good choice. We from four aspects for the majority of customers Xiangjie company keychain design ideas. For your business propaganda into a new impetus.

First, the three-dimensional type Keychain, part of the small workshop manufacturers due to the defects of machinery and equipment, products in the production process which can not be three-dimensional product heating molding. Can only produce flat and simple key chain, and the guests prefer fidelity, three-dimensional strength of some of the products.

Second, the flat convex Keychain, flat convex Keychain with manual dispenser in the details of the site is easy to dislocation, no machine dispenser program set by the machine dispensing so accurate, resulting in a lot of waste production, quality and The

Third, the flat screen printing Keychain, silk screen is not very complicated, but also a lot of silk screen manufacturers outside, but others are not their own good, have their own special silk screen department, can be very effective control of quality, good quality for you Of the enterprise to promote the injection of new impetus.

Fourth, the personalized key chain, part of the guests because of the different needs of customers to promote, and therefore need to understand the type of Keychain, the company has a professional artificial intelligence, large data technology staff, speak for you the most personalized, The most distinctive product.