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Keychain Variety Classification

Jun 02, 2017

  Keychain variety classification

  Couple buckle

  Couples key chain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, is a brand promotion business promotion of the fine, is also a new gift. Its back can also laser LOGO, personalized custom key ring.

  Product use: corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school souvenirs, advertising and other industries to commemorate promotional items.

  Car standard buckle

  Car key ring is the latest development of zinc alloy automotive supplies, the surface through the drop of oil or rare metal to do rust treatment; is a car 4S shop promotional gift owners of the fine gift, is also the owner of the car supplies, car Pendant, personalized fashion supplies.

  Product use: corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, souvenirs and other industries to commemorate promotional items.

  Car key chain

  Car keychain has become a gift of small gifts, you can give friends or yourself, to express your mind.

  Commemorative buckle

  Fuwa is the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games mascot of the 29th Olympic Games, its color and inspiration from the Olympic rings, from China's vast mountains and rivers, rivers and lakes and people love animal image. Fuwa to the children around the world to pass friendship, peace, proactive spirit and harmony between man and nature good wishes. Fuwa is the five lovely intimate little partners, their shape into the fish, giant pandas, Tibetan antelope, swallows and the Olympic flame image. Each doll has a catchy name: "babe", "crystal", "Huanhuan", "welcome" and "Nini", in China, the name of the child is a favorite expression of the child The traditional way. When the name of the five dolls together, you will read the Beijing invited the world "Beijing welcome you." Fuwa represents the dream and the Chinese people's desire. Their prototypes and headdresses contain their connections to the sea, forests, fire, earth and sky, and their image design uses the expression of traditional Chinese art to show the splendid culture of China.

  Crystal buckle

  Crystal and cast steel material plus production process, delicate and durable, very popular with young friends like. ROC in the initial, may also be taken into account the hardware "cold noodles", from the design of several keychain, a change in the past. Exquisite shape, it is to attract the little girl's eye. And the summer comes, is also a good ornament.

  Solar buckle

  Solar flash key ring is the latest development and production of solar energy applications, the use of low-light amorphous silicon solar cell power supply principle, so that high-quality

  LCD flashing light, is a brand of promotional technology boutique, is also a new gift. Symphony of liquid crystal display, flash between the full of fun and sense of science and technology!