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Obsidian Charm Bracelet Feng Shui Knowledge

Sep 28, 2017

Obsidian Charm Bracelet feng shui knowledge

A lot of love beautiful women like to bring Charm Bracelets, and some with gold Charm Bracelet, some with silver Charm Bracelet, some with crystal Charm Bracelet, and some with diamond Charm Bracelet, in fact, I suggest you not as good as the feng shui fritters for their own, so Not only good-looking, but also to bring their own good fortune, why not? So what is the feng shui knowledge of obsidian Charm Bracelet? Please come with me to see you!

The origin of obsidian

Obsidian name comes from the name Abu Sai Ding, he is a Romans, is said to be his first gem from the Ethiopian Chala Lake to Rome. Obsidian is a volcanic lava after the rapid cooling of the formation of a natural glass, are non-pure crystal crystal gem. Obsidian extreme evil spirits, can strongly resolve the negative energy, ancient Chinese Buddhist relics, there is a lot of town house or evil on the obsidian or the Buddha. Obsidian is now the best gem for the Buddha to practice. For the crystal family among the black Yao is also one of the strongest negative energy crystal.

Ice is black from the Icelandic volcano, is the glacier volcanic eruption of the birth of the holy things, the age of obsidian is the longest, the absorption is the most pure period of the essence of day and night, gave birth to the world between the most pure Energy, is a very rare energy stone, high transparency, for the obsidian in the Need. Ice is the characteristics of black Yao is the surface of pure black, by the light exposure was brown, that is, ice kind of black Yao.

Obsidian effect

1. Obsidian has evil spirits of the function and treatment of insomnia, very effective. Black magnetic stone field energy calm and steady, steady, help to enhance the body blood circulation, improve the symptoms of frail and qi. Obsidian change and energy, has been covered with a layer of mysterious veil, but after many friends experience, it does have a very strong evil role, not only to avoid the interference of negative energy, but also to remove the unpleasant mold Taste and bad luck, whether close or put home, are the best guardian of life in the stone.

2. To enhance the vitality, to restore the spirit of people, physical, excessive use of the office workers and creative workers have a good balance. Can be strong kidney, absorb the disease, improve sleep, alcohol, smoking, drug addiction has improved the role. Can be stable, relieve stress, calm, to eliminate emotional distress. And can strengthen the driving force, enhance the charm of leaders, centripetal force, help career, also known as "leader stone."

Obsidian has a very evil evil evil role, can strongly resolve the negative energy, can avoid the interference of negative energy, but also to remove the unpleasant musty and bad luck, whether close or put home, are the best guardian of life stone The Ancient Chinese Buddhist artifacts, there is a considerable number of town house or evil on the obsidian sacred or Buddha.

Obsidian Charm Bracelet to wear the right hand is better, obsidian itself can be a large number of negative energy to absorb, as you see in the mall that kind of wearing called "triangular proton" of the East, its main function is not that person Rope, but the rope has a called "negative ion" of the East, the body is composed of + and - the two poles, if - is relatively large, it is easy to produce some diseases, so obsidian on the human body is the biggest role Eliminate the negative energy, so that the body's + and - pole to maintain balance.