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Ring Dai Fa And The Meaning Of Wearing A Ring

Sep 21, 2015

A ring on the right hand or a finger is any indication, different cultures have different interpretation?

█ Thumbs:

According to Roman records, will ring in this case can help you wish toward the road to success.

█ Index finger:

Indicates the direction of the fingers, put a ring in this case becomes, cheerful personality and independent, most suitable for business people. █ Middle finger:

Next to the ring finger most suited to wear the wedding ring finger, the ring on which you can create a free hearty atmosphere, can inspire you to emerge and become more attractive and Yixing Yuan.

█ Ring finger:

From ancient Roman times used to be a wedding ring worn on which, according to legend this refers to are connected to the heart, the most suitable published sacred oath. Important points of ring finger, ring the moderate press on muscles, have a calm effect.