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Should The Crystal Charm Bracelet Be Left-handed Or Right-handed?

Aug 09, 2017

  Should the crystal Charm Bracelet be left-handed or right-handed?

  A: Our general body's response to the magnetic field left (yin), right out (yang), so depending on the situation, according to the direction you need to stowage, such as titanium crystal, topaz, green ghosts and other common people to seek money, then suggest wearing left hand, such as Citrine, Bai ... and other crystals that help to emit negative magnetic fields can be worn on the right hand.

  Can I wear a crystal Charm Bracelet during the physiological period?

  A: Wearing crystal no-holds, in addition to wearing Crystal Buddha, not with the honey lover, the rest is no taboo

  Can I wear a crystal Charm Bracelet while bathing?

  A: You can wear it, but you'd better not wear it. Why so, can wear is said that it will not have any effect on the crystal, bathing liquid will not hurt the crystal, because the crystal will not react with acid or alkali, nor with the general other chemical and other reactions, it is only in the high temperature conditions and fluorine reflect. But why not to wear it, because the process of movement will produce collisions, crystals are fragile, if the line is not careful to pull off the trouble.

  Why should the crystal Charm Bracelet be purified regularly?

  A: First, Crystal Day absorbs the body's negative energy, it is like a dustbin, always filled with time, timing let it release is very necessary. Free will bring more good luck to people.

  Second, the surface of crystal stone itself will have a long time to adhere to the dirt, cleaning is essential.

  Third, the psychological implication of the role, purification, purity, psychological only practical, will be more convinced of its aura. And I personally think that the purified crystal is easier to communicate with the master, more easily exert its unique strength.