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Small Accessories To Reduce Intermediate Links

Sep 21, 2015

Small accessories to reduce intermediate links

Open jewelry stores a lot of people, but the real jewelry stores bigger and stronger but not much. These things may seem small, but very attractive young woman's eyes.

General jewelry stores, mostly purchase from brokers, others what to produce, sell yourself, is often something in a jewelry store, many homes also have these goods, operational features. Because jewelry is a popular fashion item, objectively requires faster and more

New speed. However, the author notes that the distribution in the city streets of jewelry stores in operation, there are many problems, many stores now adorns the jewelry, old style, is more expensive, this mode of operation has increasingly failed to keep pace with economic development. At this point, a new type of jewelry business model emerging, this is the chain.

Chain to be able to stick to the popular pulse. Jewelry is a popular consumer goods replacement soon, it is characterized by low prices and eliminated quickly. Fashion consumption often change in a week, if not closely follow the trend of philosophy, will soon be eliminated by the market. Jewelry consumer groups generally positioned on the young girls, they do not have strong spending power, but like fashion. Chain management is to meet the people of this mental, people jumped on the bandwagon, while spending less money.