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Trinkets Are Made So Big Business

Sep 21, 2015

Trinkets are made so big business

Hubei nationality Yang Guohua 1997 carrying farming failure only 330 Yuan arrived in Beijing, as with all those who first arrived in Beijing, work around, but he wants to fight a battle in Beijing.

Liu Wen: "he has an idea, and wanted to do my own boss. ”

Yang Guohua: "anyway, you want to make money, the accumulated fund, I would like to grow, to get ahead. ”

Yang Guohua for a long time as a delivery worker in a sugar and wine wholesale company, but they only earn more than 1000 Yuan a month, Yang Guohua secretly but earn more than more than 4,000, because he found in the delivery process of loading with the wooden crate and boss need to buy from the outside, his boss, his wooden box set.

Yang Guohua: "nail their packaging, nail a package make dozens of Yuan, whether it is cold or frozen, 5:30 every day when I Pack all nailed. ”