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Wearing Beads Charm Bracelet Is Very Particular About

Jul 13, 2017

  Wearing beads Charm Bracelet is very particular about, can not wear, the most important note is basically only one, that is clean.

  If you elaborate, you can have the following precautions:

  First: do not wrist with rosary to the bathroom convenient, Charm Bracelet if you need to go, then you can hand off the shirt on the coat pocket, the summer can be close to the neck hanging.

  Second: do not wear a Charm Bracelet in the case of couples sleeping or on the bedside.

  Third: smoking or hand touched from the onion, garlic, Charm Bracelet leek or drinking can not wear rosary, not to smoke the hand on the string.

  Fourth: the Charm Bracelet is not used and worn when the temple should be placed in front of the Buddha or Buddha, incense in the pedestrian can be used up every morning before the incense with smoked.

  Fifth: do not feel free to touch the roar of other people.

  Sixth: rosary do not put in the pants pocket do not put in the fart pocket.

  Seventh: rosary hanging in the neck or hanging on the wall should be the pagoda up.

  Eighth: Please do not touch the meat or fish and other unclean things touch the hand string, Charm Bracelet before touching beads should wash their hands.

  Ninth: in the count, each read a string of time, do not turn the rosary again after the count to stop the cycle count.

  Tenth: do not want to read when the random swing or swing rosary, Charm Bracelet to the position above the waist serious solemn count.