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What does it mean to give a keychain?

Nov 02, 2017

Reciprocity is the Chinese tradition, human feelings, is a Chinese can not be ignored a feeling. When a friend's birthday, we give gifts, happy birthday to them; When a friend marries, we can send a gift to them in addition to a red envelope, to express their blessing to their newlyweds and to bless their future life; When a friend is in a new house, we send a housewarming gift to congratulate them on their new home. When a friend gets a promotion, we also send a courtesy, blessing and wish them to go to a higher position; When the Friends win the prize, we will send a gift, hope they can get more awards ...

What does it mean to give a keychain?

Gift, can have a more harmonious interpersonal relationship, help people communicate. Gift-Giving is a testament to the closer relationship between friends.

But many friends are immersed in the question of what to give. Indeed, the ritual of representing human favors cannot be given freely. Send light, friends feel the friendship between each other is not deep enough, send heavy, oneself feel the flower is not worth, send wrong, cause the relationship between the two people stiff.

Gifts, but also a learning.

Nowadays, there are plenty of gifts to be made with key buckles.

1) Keychain is something that everyone will always use.

The key chain is chosen by everyone to give gifts, because everyone in daily life is often used. This is a very useful product, whether it is hanging on the key, or hanging on the bag, we will see it every day, and then think of a friendship between friends.

2) Many kinds of key buckle, high school low-end have

In the face of different groups, in the gift will have a different price, and the key buckle has a high school low three grades, given to any side of the different identities of friends are very appropriate.

3) The key buckle style is rich, may choose the space to be big

What does it mean to give a keychain?

The keys can be designed with different materials and different designs to meet the needs of people with different aesthetic requirements. In the choice, have a lot of space. Can let you choose the gift when you can select from the satisfaction of the product.

And with a key to give people, it has different meanings.

Between friends

If the other party is his friend, in the time of giving, it represents a friendship: brotherly Love, sister friends. In the choice of the time can pick the other side of the pattern presented.

Between lovers

If the relationship between each other is a couple, in the choice of key button can be selected on behalf of the love of the couple keys with a deduction given to each other.

Between relatives

If it is for a loved one, it represents a concern, a love, in the choice of time, you can choose some of the key with protection awareness of the buckle.


The keychain is also a good choice when you go out to play or when you come back for a business trip to bring gifts to co-workers. It represents the feeling of a friend at work, the mutual care and help of colleagues. In the choice of time can choose some with local characteristics or national characteristics, national characteristics of the gift.

What does it mean to give a keychain?

Of course, in the face of different groups, the gift keychain also has many other meanings. But it is undeniable that it has conveyed a mind of its own, blessing, wish, common hope, concern, love ... Will be a lot of feelings, are fused in this one key with the buckle, let them to communicate the feelings for themselves!