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What's The Problem With The Keychain?

Jun 19, 2017

  What's the problem with the Keychain?

  We usually find some in the production inspection, there are sand holes in the key chain, this phenomenon is produced in several cases:

  1, the mold water level is too thick.

  2, die-casting pressure is not enough.

  3, die-casting process, mold temperature is too high, no water. Key chain, years of beauty.

  Metal key buckle, exquisite small, different shapes, endearing.

  In peacetime life,Keychain I like Amoy key buckle. I am very happy to find a funny and fun key clasp.

  In a good mood, I put a cartoon clasp on the key ring, such as the Fat Garfield, the cute Mickey Mouse, or the Pooh bear. When the mood is bad,Keychain hang a depressed golden monkey or something. Want to calm the mood, just hang a blue sea, a silver fish in the swimming key chain.

  Metal key buckle shape changeable. such as sunflowers, golden, representing enthusiasm, upward. Elegant orchids, poetic, compact. Pistol-style keychain also has practical value.Keychain One pull the trigger and the muzzle shoots a red light to make it easier to see the keyhole at night when you come home.

  Travel to Paris and buy a key chains shaped like a toy camera. Looking from the viewfinder, a color picture of a classical Parisian architecture emerges in front of you, clicking on the shutter and changing to a picture of the famous Paris attractions of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Arc de Triomphe and Notre Dam De Paris.